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Profile Photo & Logo

Completed profiles have a profile photo and logo – these can be the same image to ensure that your brand identity is represented throughout the site. 

Top Tip: The more information YOU add, the more YOU boost YOUR SEO rankings and that makes your profile highly valuable, informative and engaging to visitors.


Unseen is unsold - advertise your products on your profile and use the platform as a marketplace to feature your products, services and promotions.

Top Tip: The more visitors see your products, the more likely they are to sell.



If properties are your business then there is no better way to create visibility for them by listing your property portfolio to your profile and growing your audience reach.

Top Tip: Upgrade to the Standard Plan for 10 property listings or Premium for unlimited listings.


Events need awareness to attract an audience – post it to your profile to create maximum visibility and reach a Pan African and International market.

Publishing Content

It’s easy to publish content on Sort Africa and the more content that you publish, the more active traffic will be directed to your profile and back to your business.

Top Tip: Add value and make your profile engaging – publish content regularly – use Sort Africa as another channel of communication for reaching your customers and clients.

Social Media

Sort Africa has a solid and growing social media follower base. WE will boost the content that you post to your profile to OUR followers thereby creating more visibility for your business and brand.

Updating Billing information

Sort Africa’s billing information is fully automated so it’s easy to use – you will be notified when your credit card needs to be updated.

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